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ISBN: 9781857945058
Published: 24-10-2019
Title: A Transport Travelogue of Britain by Road, Rail and Water 1948-1972 The combined volume
Author: Cedric Greenwood
Price: £35.00

ISBN: 9781857945591
Published: 24-10-2019
Title: ALLEXANDER Buses and Coaches 1955-1956
Author: Henry Conn
Price: £25.00

ISBN: 9781857945645
Published: 20-11-2019
Author: Compiled by John Hillier
Price: £35.00

ISBN: 9781858952949
Published: 24-11-2019
Title: No 69 SWINDON to BRISTOL Past & Present (by both routes)
Author: John Stretton and Tim Maddocks
Price: £20.00

ISBN: 9781857945416
Published: 24-11-2019
Title: By Rail To The Music Halls
Author: David Hindle
Price: £25.00

ISBN: 9781857945461
Published: 24-11-2019
Title: The Beeching Legacy Volume 1 The West Country (2nd Edition with colour)
Author: Phil Horton
Price: £20.00

ISBN: 9781857945485
Published: 10-12-2019
Title: RUNNING ON RAILS Asojurn through rail-based transport through two centuries.
Author: John Legg and Ian Peaty
Price: £25.00

ISBN: 9781857944884
Published: 24-01-2020
Title: RAILWAYMEN OF THE WELSH VALLEYS 1914-1967 Part 1: Recollections of Pontypool Road engine shed, shunting yards, fitting staff and the Vale of Neath Line
Author: Philip W. L. Williams
Price: £25.00

ISBN: 9781857945577
Published: 10-02-2020
Author: Robert Avery and Terry Gough
Price: £20.00

ISBN: 9781857945454
Published: 24-02-2020
Title: MODEL RAILWAYS EXPLAINED (Beyond the beginning) The award development of The Newcomer,s Guide to Railway Modelling
Author: Brian Lambert
Price: £20.00


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